to a new era of equality.

At Superbia, you’ll find Your safe space in financial services for bankinglending, life & health insurance, and money matters.

100% inclusive.               Zero discrimination.

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Superbia is part of our LGBTQ community.

We exist to serve the financial and wellness needs of our community – first & always –  

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They're Your Dreams. They're Our Priority.

Superbia is the Affirming Experience to Access the Products & Services to Help Realize Your Dreams!

They’re Your Dreams…
…and our Priority.
Superbia is the Affirming Experience to Access the Products & Services to Help Realize Your Dreams!

Who is

We’re a new financial leader devoted to our LGBTQ community.

We’re working to offer financial solutions that are designed for you and for our community.

Our mission is simple—eradicate systemic LGBTQ discrimination, champion inclusion, and accelerate social and economic equality.

We are obsessed with breaking down the barriers to equality so we can all live securely.

We are just coming out.
Maybe you can relate?

We’re Superbia, and we’re becoming our best self—a strong, change-making financial leader—to benefit LGBTQ individuals and our community.


Belonging is grounded in acceptance.

You’ll find acceptance here for you. Superbia provides a safe space and affirmation for you, your voice, your money, and your dreams.

At Superbia, you can expect fair treatment in financial services. And that’s just the beginning. You also reserve your invitation to join Superbia Credit Union when it receives final approval to operate by regulators.

Self Defined

Built to fit you.

You dare to be yourself. and we love that!

At Superbia, Come As You Are, knowing we are building products and services that consider your life and your needs.

You are at the heart of what we do— likely a new experience for you — so we want to hear from you as we develop our products and services in banking, life & health insurances, money matters, and lending.

Belong to community

When you become a Superbia Member, you join a community that gains exclusive access to our products and services as they become available. And you reserve your place to become a member of the first-ever credit union to serve the national LGBTQ community.


A new way to unite
and support community.

By offering financial services, we can directly fund our mission for national change through our Superbia Foundation.

We grant 10% of all revenue earned annually from purchased financial services products and services to the Foundation.

Sustained funding for our community. No asking – Just getting.

We exist for you. Period.

Our mission and vision is our promise of an affirming welcome and inclusive experience—and our authentic commitment to strive every day to ensure every Superbia product or service is free of discrimination and intolerance.

It’s time to stand out,
like you know you can.

Let’s show the world the beauty of us: Proud, diverse & united. Submit a sharable photo of yourself that we can post to the Superbia website and across our social media.
(Oh you’re bad…but no including those pics from that hidden album’).


We believe that true equality comes in the freedom to choose for yourself – the freedom to be yourself.