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About Superbia

Superbia upholds a core human truth.

True Equality comes with having the autonomy to make choices and live free as YOURSELF for YOURSELF.  This includes Freedom of Identity, Freedom of Sexuality, Freedom of Universal Acceptance and the Freedom to Live our Own Dreams.

In today’s world its critical you have equal access and opportunity to credit, insurances, advice and management on your money to achieve your own personal security goals, and provide the freedom to live as your choose. This is where you, as part of the LGBTQ community has been treated unfairly, with bias, and discrimination for decades – in subtle but very impactful ways, including being made to feel and fit inside boxes and experiences that are not focused on understanding your needs.

We here at Superbia have also experienced those exact awkward conversations.  Correcting pronouns, defending multiple job incomes, or why we need a prescription to keep us healthy. 

Its not awkward here at Superbia – We are part of the LGBTQ community- Inclusive and Affirming.  Superbia only exists to ensure our community has the equal opportunity that is our right to choose and live freely regardless of who we love, how we identify or if we love glitter in our beard.  Superbia eradicates LGBTQ discrimination in financial services.

Superbia is YOUR Choice for equality & fairness – Come As You Are – When it comes to important decisions about your financial wellbeing, Superbia removes any risk that you are treated unfairly just because you are you. Superbia welcomes you to equal and affirming access to the banking, life and health insurances, and money managing products your need. At Superbia, the needs of our LGBTQ community are put first. This includes providing you an equal opportunity for your own financial, and the economic and social equality of our entire community.

‍The “Branded House of Superbia” (Superbia) includes several of our organizations working in unison toward our single mission for LGBTQ equality. Superbia entities are purpose-built, led by members of our LGBTQ community to remove the barriers that keep us from equal opportunities and from your own freedom to choose for yourself.  Superbia unites our community differently and powerfully in voice, social good works, and by adding our economic power. Now and for the first time, we are empowered, ensuring each of US is FIRST to BENEFIT from OUR money, and to take care of our economic and social needs AS WE CHOOSE.

Superbia is not a bank or credit union, its not a life insurance or health insurance provider, wealth management firm, or charity – WE ARE ALL OF THESE.

Superbia breaks every mold in financial services to deliver non-discriminatory banking, life and health insurances, savings and investing to be tailored to our needs as LGBTQ individuals & families and in doing so advances the economic and social equality of you and the entire community.

By choosing Superbia, You are choosing to leave the past era of inequality and enter a new era of accelerated LGBTQ economic and social equality that is specially designed for you, for all of us – Come As We Are.